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Letters to the Editor

'Misstatement'I have appreciated your thoughtful coverage of the grading issue, but I do want to set the record straight on an important misstatement of fact in your story on Feb.

OPINION | 02/18/1998

Letters to the Editor

Media qualmsWhile 7000 fans watched the Tigers take on the Pennsylvania Quakers at Jadwin Gym, I had to depend on Dan O'Brien and the guy from the Tiger Sports-line for the score and highlights from the game.

OPINION | 02/17/1998


Genocide in disguise

Few would agree with the assertion that oppression is wrong and should be stopped. And most, but sadly not all, would agree that it would be oppressive of the United States to first starve and then bomb the people of Iraq in order to twist the arm of one man, Saddam Hussein, into compliance.

OPINION | 02/15/1998

Sea of Orange

The men's basketball team is currently 18-1. The Tigers are first in the Ivy League standings, ranked 10th in the Associated Press Poll and ninth in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll ? their first foray into the nation's top ten since 1967.

OPINION | 02/12/1998

Selling the smarts of liberal arts

Do you ever think you'll be smarter than you are right now? I suppose the answer depends on how you define "smart," but my answer to the question would be a resounding "no."No matter what I do with the rest of my life, I'll most likely be forced to specialize in a single corporate or academic pursuit.

OPINION | 02/11/1998

Letters to the Editor

On defense, criticismAs I read Mr. Klein's "opinion" piece, entitled "Please, just the facts ma'am" in the Monday issue of the 'Prince,' I was saddened to learn that the current Managing Board had broken their fingers and thus were incapable of composing an editorial response to the recent criticisms aimed at The Daily Princetonian.

OPINION | 02/10/1998

Making the grade

Yesterday afternoon the Faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing presented a report to the Faculty-Student Course of Study Committee that examined trends in grade inflation at the University over the last 24 years.

OPINION | 02/10/1998