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Visions of Princeton

The low turnout for the Visions of Princeton survey is a disappointment, not only for the USG, but for everyone who expected USG president PJ Kim '01 to unveil his administration's goals following the survey.

OPINION | 03/29/2000

Letters to the Editor

Gay marriage an issue of moral grounds, not rightsIn his March 27 editorial, Jeff Wolf '02 sought to defend homosexual marriages as perfectly legitimate and thus deserving of the same legal status as heterosexual unions.

OPINION | 03/29/2000

Letters to the Editor

Students blinded by upper-class statusIn between complaints about the low quality of chocolate milk and the injustices of homework, an occasional student tries to smugly address issues of politics.

OPINION | 03/28/2000

Possible female running mates not proof of gender equality

In the three weeks since Super Tuesday shrunk the 2000 presidential campaign to a two-man race, political pundits have refocused their attention from the question of "Who will make the best president?" to that of "Who will make the best running mate?" Among those publishing speculations, the March 20 Newsweek listed seven possible choices for Al Gore and nine for George W.

OPINION | 03/28/2000

Zen and the art of dart-ness: Center thyself and become the bull's-eye

What would life be without those sports of daring, precision and skill collectively known as "pub games"? On the wall of Cottage Club's pool room are inscribed the words of a prophet: "To play a good game of billiards is the mark of a well-rounded education; but to play too good a game of billiards is the mark of an ill-spent youth." After an adolescence spent in the pool halls and sports bars of eastern Tennessee, I must respectfully disagree with the prophet.There is no such thing as playing too good a game of billiards, or darts or poker.

OPINION | 03/27/2000

Accept Papal apology and move forward

The recent apology of Pope John Paul II for the sins committed in the past by those acting in the name of the Roman Catholic church against Jews, women, the poor, dissidents and various ethnic groups, among others, has generated much comment and controversy.Within the Jewish community in this country, in Europe and in Israel, voices have been heard complaining that this is too little, too late.

OPINION | 03/23/2000