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Students, administrators anticipate benefits from Frist Campus Center

In less than a year, an idea first floated by former University President Woodrow Wilson 1879 that has spent much of the last century on Princeton's back-burner will evolve from a mass of scaffolding, mud and concrete into the Frist Campus Center.Now that construction has progressed into its final stages, administrators and students alike are speculating about how the center will affect their daily lives when it opens next fall.Tom Dunne, assistant dean of undergraduate students, said he believes the center will provide a public space for the entire student body and faculty to interact and "will contribute largely to the social fabric of the community."USG president-elect PJ Kim '01 said the center's variety of dining options and large social and academic space will enhance social life on campus."The campus center is a mammoth project that will provide for the University's academic, social and administrative needs," Kim said.

NEWS | 01/06/2000

Bradley '65 intensifies campaign as first primary battles approach

With only weeks to go before the first contests of the primary season, Bill Bradley '65's campaign playbook hinges on two key states more than 1,000 miles apart: Iowa and New Hampshire.In the all-out scramble that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination has become, both Bradley and Vice President Al Gore have intensified their efforts in anticipation of the Jan.

NEWS | 01/06/2000

PPPL sets plasma-current record with new spherical torus reactor

An experiment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory produced a 1-million-ampere plasma current with a new reactor last month, setting a world record for that type of reactor and opening the door for further research into the creation of fusion power."What this means is that we are now ready to begin experimentation on the machine," said PPPL spokesman Anthony DeMeo, who added that a larger reactor could be constructed in several years if these tests are successful.The PPPL is funded by the Department of Energy and is managed by the University.

NEWS | 01/04/2000

Despite risk of University penalty, students earn money from Website

For some University students, the idea of getting paid to surf the Web and recruiting others to do the same sounds simple enough, but officials warn that it may be against University is an Internet company that pays members for using the Internet and collects data on their browsing habits, which it then gives to other companies.

NEWS | 01/04/2000


'Haven' pays fine, cleans up kitchen

A judge ordered Hoagie Haven to pay a $500 fine for health code violations, but the popular sandwich shop has resolved its differences with the Princeton Regional Health Department, health officer William Hinshillwood said yesterday.Hoagie Haven owner Konstantinos Liras pleaded guilty Dec.

NEWS | 01/04/2000

Hansen advocates new approach to environmental issues

Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Fred Hansen began his speech yesterday by challenging his audience to "think differently about environmental issues.""We think we are communicating, when in fact we are repeating what we've said before but just a little louder," he said.Rather than looking to the past or the present to solve environmental issues, Hansen advocated "looking forward, projecting an extreme picture and then stepping back to help solve the problems we have today.""No one can predict the future," he admitted, but "by looking at the future, we are better prepared for it."Hansen was optimistic about the EPA's progress.

NEWS | 04/16/1998

U-Council to debate regulations in light of advancing technology

Seeking to change University policies to reflect the increased use of the Internet and other electronic information technologies, the U-Council will weigh a proposal to revise "Rights, Rules, Responsibilities" at its Monday meeting.The proposal ? written after months of review by the U-Council's Rights and Rules Committee ? contains primarily minor revisions that aim to include references to email, the Internet and other new technologies that are now frequently absent from the rule book.Despite the seemingly limited nature of the changes, the revisions have sparked reactions on a grander scale.

NEWS | 04/16/1998

Kahumbu GS to enter rally, race for endangered rhinos

In the Southeast, off-roading ? also known as mudding ? is a 'sport' that consists of finding empty construction sites after rainfall and getting Jeeps or Blazers as muddy as possible.But go a little farther south ? Kenya, to be exact ? and off-roading is a conservation activity to save the rhinoceros from extinction.On May 30, Paula Kahumbu GS and her all-female team will drive a 4x4 through the Kenyan wilderness as a fund-raiser for the endangered black rhinoceros.The fund raiser, sponsored by Rhino Ark, is a rally in which 50 cars must reach 12 checkpoints in the minimum distance possible, Kahumbu said.Until exactly one month before the race, the location in Kenya is kept secret, she said.

NEWS | 04/16/1998

Grocery chain considers move to present Borough library site

Independents may be able to shop for their groceries in town again. Palmer Square Management has raised the possibility that a grocery store may open on the present site of the Princeton Public Library, which is considering a move into a new building on Hulfish Street, near the Baptist church.According to an article in the Princeton Packet, Jim McCaffrey, owner and president of McCaffrey's grocery store chain, has said he might be interested in opening a store on the library's current site at Witherspoon and Paul Robeson Place.The moves have not yet been approved and would take several years to implement.

NEWS | 04/15/1998

Tigertones to sing at MADD concert

Senior Tigertones Greg Paulson, Brian Goehring, David Grossman and Brian Kurtz will have a second "once in a lifetime opportunity" to perform at Carnegie Hall.The University singing group organized the concert and arranged for the proceeds to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which raises awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving.The Princeton Tigertones, Yale Whiffenpoofs and Harvard Krokodiloes singing groups will perform together in a May 3 concert titled "The Ivy League Remembers . . . A Capella for MADD."Tickets will be on sale at dining halls and eating clubs next week.

NEWS | 04/15/1998

Deans end firework investigation; judge lets Brasno charges stand

The University has ended its investigation into a March incident in which a firecracker was thrown in a crowded Palestra during a Princeton-Penn basketball game."I think it is safe to say that the investigation into this incident is now closed," said Kathleen Deignan, associate dean of student life.The end of the investigation comes, however, as the criminal case against Jason Brasno '98 continues to move toward trial.

NEWS | 04/15/1998

Muldoon, Heaney readings to open Irish poetry exhibit

You lose more of yourself than you redeem doing the decent thing. Keep at a tangent. When they make the circle wide, it's time to swim out on your own ? Seamus HeaneyPaul Muldoon, the creative writing department's celebrated Irish poet, will be joined on stage with some of his famous peers later this month.But instead of Laurie Sheck and Yusef Komunyakaa ? two more famed poets the University can claim as teachers ? Muldoon will be joined by friends from back home: the Irish poets Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley and Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill.The reading, which will include Nobel Prizewinning Heaney, is in honor of the Leonard L.

NEWS | 04/15/1998