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Squirrel drives student nuts

Though some squirrels might be innocent critters that don't do much harm, others are just plain sadistic. Liz Lapetina '02 learned this lesson the hard way when a squirrel used her computer as a desktop toilet Jan. 10, smack in the middle of the reading period crunch.

Lapetina returned to her room in Little Hall that day to find her roommates jumping on their futon and shrieking.


"They said a squirrel was in the room, but they said this one was possessed," she said.

"I wasn't really worried because usually as [the squirrels] hear you, they run away," Lapetina added. "But this one came flying toward me. I screamed and ran out of the bedroom."

After the squirrel left through the window, Lapetina went to her room to assess the damage.

"We just noticed this awful burning — almost acidic — smell, and at the same time I decided to try to check my e-mail," Lapetina said. "I noticed my screen seemed to be off, which was weird, and I couldn't turn it back on."

"I discovered a clear gel on my computer," she said.

What was this mysterious "gel"? Well, let's just say that Lapetina won't be using it in her hair any time soon.


The squirrel had decided to let the good times flow and urinated on Lapetina's computer monitor.

Even worse was the fact that the computer appeared to be broken. Fortunately, Lapetina did not have any papers due Dean's Date — the next day — though she did have a politics paper due later in the week that was not saved to a disk.

In the end, the squirrel damaged only Lapetina's monitor, and she was able to use someone else's monitor to get the essay from her hard drive.

Lapetina said squirrels have stolen her roommate's gourmet chocolates and the eyes of their stuffed animals in the past. It is with good reason, then, that Lapetina remains wary of furry creatures with bushy tails. "They always find a way to get in," she said.

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However, her room had never experienced an incident of this magnitude, and since it occurred during the most stressful time of the year, this mess was more than just a puddle of pee.