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Letter to the Editor

marshawn press

Reforming the Class Day speaker selection process: Open letter to the Class Day Co-Chairs

We believe that reforming the nomination and selection process by clarifying the procedure and by involving the senior class will definitely anticipate such concerns, giving students a better understanding and moreover a sense of ownership over the decision to invite a specific speaker.

OPINION | 02/27/2020


Too much to read, too little time?

“Too much to read and too little time” is probably the answer for a good many students. We begin our courses with romantic notions of learning, discussing world-changing ideas, growing deeper and more nuanced in our understanding of ourselves and the world. Soon, however, we are in survival mode, simply trying to keep up with — or at least not fall too far behind in — our work because we’ve got too much to read and too little time.

OPINION | 02/05/2020

Finkelstein panel original photo

A condemnation of Finkelstein’s conduct from members of AJP

Conversations about Palestinian rights far too often become centered on unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism. While this event was perverted by Finkelstein’s genuinely anti-Semitic and offensive remark, which we condemn without reservation, we are at the same time dismayed that his comments have made this necessary condemnation the focus of the event’s aftermath. 

OPINION | 10/14/2019