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Theatre Intime’s ‘How the Other Half Loves’ showcases class divisions through set design

In Theatre Intime’s production of Alan Ayckbourn’s 1969 play “How the Other Half Loves,” the stage is literally divided in two halves. “One half [of the set] is painted blue and gray; it’s got nice molding, nice wainscoting, nice furniture and it’s supposed to be for the wealthier family in this play,” production manager Rachel Xu ’17 said.

FEATURES | 05/29/2015


The new face of the Women*s Center

The use of lowercase lettering in regards to the posters and associated statements of the Women*s Center throughout this articleare intentional, as it is a part of the organization's recent rebranding publicity campaign. You may have noticed the "feminist*" shirts sported by many students on campus recently, or perhaps you saw the posters with assorted critiques of the lack of female leadership especially in certain student groups, including some criticizing The Daily Princetonian for its pattern of male editors-in-chief and others describing the Undergraduate Student Government as an organization "where men are presidents and women are secretaries.” The latter became a topical discussion during the recent USG presidential election.

FEATURES | 12/10/2014

An Education

Victoria Chung ’14, Miriam Holmes ’15, Kathleen Newman ’15, and Edwin Rosales ’17 all havesomething in common: They plan to become teachers after they finish their Princeton education.To help them fulfill that goal, they are all currently working toward certificates in teacher preparation, a program that gives students the training and support they need to become state-licensed teachers.

FEATURES | 11/19/2014