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The Daily Princetonian

Leveling the precept playing field

A few days ago, after spending much of fall break recovering from the waves of pre-midterm stress, I was finally coherent enough to talk with some fellow classmates about the tests, what we thought of them and how well (or poorly) we thought we did on the exams (we may or may not have also taken bets on how low the curve would be). From the conversations I had, it became readily evident that we all utilized largely the same resources when preparing for the midterm — the same practice tests and previous exams on Blackboard, the same notes and class materials, the same textbooks and reading materials, the same office hours.

OPINION | 11/02/2014

The Daily Princetonian

On gym culture

My first few weeks in college were exciting but unstable. Between meeting people of completely different backgrounds, checking my conduct in new social situations (never required in laid-back California) and carving out a new community for myself, I missed the sense of stability from home.

OPINION | 11/02/2014

The Daily Princetonian

On bike theft

Weaving in and out of pedestrians, jumping the curbs and flying down hills, I was making my way from Rockefeller College to Jadwin Gymnasium in record time.

OPINION | 10/21/2014