Monday, November 29

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Liechtenstein Institute roundtable discusses Catalan independence

Self-determination may shatter states since national movements for independence often culminate in tensions and conflicts among subgroups, Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, the founding director of the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at the University, argued at a Thursday roundtable discussion on the question of Catalan independence. Catalonia has been part of Spain since it was established in the 15th century.


Updated: Neuroscience concentration approved by faculty

University faculty members voted unanimously on Monday afternoon in favor of creating a new concentration in neuroscience at a faculty meeting. The new concentration could start admitting undergraduates into the department as early as this spring. The University has offered a neuroscience certificate program since 2001, but faculty members proposed establishing a concentration in the field because of greater interest from current and prospective students and the existence of similar neuroscience concentration programs at peer institutions, according to a leaked department proposal dated June 24. There was no previous public announcement of faculty intent to develop a concentration.

Plans drafted for neuroscience concentration, leaked proposal says

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute has drafted a proposal outlining a program of study for a new neuroscience concentration, according to a document obtained by The Daily Princetonian and dated June 24. The proposal will be discussed and presumably voted upon at a faculty meeting on Monday afternoon, Deputy Dean of the College Clayton Marsh confirmed in an email on Saturday. The change comes nine years after the founding of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, an initiative of then-University President Shirley Tilghman, and less than a year after the opening of the new psychology and neuroscience building.

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