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Learn Languages with Live 1-on-1 Lessons from Preply!

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Preply 15% Off Student Discount

This sponsored content article was created by Preply. The Daily Princetonian’s editorial staff was not involved in the production of this article. 

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Students Have the Opportunity to Enhance Their Education Through Discounted Tuition – It Would be Wise to Seize it

Students are famously known for being one of the most regretful groups of people. More than 51% of 90,000 college attendees stated that there were some things they wished they could change about their university life. Some of the common regrets included believing to have studied the wrong subject, attending the wrong school, and paying for courses through high-interest loans. This should be a time when people build foundations for the rest of their lives, so it is important to make the most of it. One of the ways to enhance university life and improve satisfaction is to learn a new language.

Preply offers a Student Discount on its Courses

Many students look back on their time at university and wish they had spent it absorbing as much knowledge as possible. One of the reasons why some people regret the subject they chose is simply because they don’t immerse themselves in it enough. As a way to encourage students to make the most of this period of learning, some organizations offer discounts.

One example of a momentous opportunity for students is taking up an online course with Preply. Students are eligible to receive a 15% student discount on live one-on-one language lessons. The way to do this is to buy your first lesson with a tutor of your choice, and then if you enjoy the lesson, you buy the package that suits you. Packages come in six, twelve, or twenty lessons, and the full 15% discount is available for those who choose the full amount.


Learning a new language while at university could be an enlightening experience. This is because campuses are multicultural places with students from all over the world. Knowing different languages would help people to broaden their social circles and may even improve personal wellness during university time.

After University There Won’t be as Much Time for Further Education

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Not learning a language is a common regret among older people, with two out of three adults saying they wished they’d carried on with languages they started in school. Many people reach a stage in life where they either don’t have time to learn anything new, or simply lack the motivation.

This is why doing this at a young age may be the best chance that people have in their lives. Although university seems like a busy period, there is plenty of time for extra study. Those who make the most of these formative years are the ones that put in the extra effort instead of spending their days partying.

Another factor is that after university, graduates need to focus on their chosen career paths. This means that there is much less time available for additional education. It’s at this point that many people realize that their opportunities have slipped away from them.

The chance to get access to discounted online lessons that can be used to broaden your horizons should not be ignored. Instead of deciding that learning a language is something you will do at a later date, it would be better to act now and make the most of an opportunity that won’t be there forever.

Learning a language is easier than you may think, especially when you turn to the guidance of experts in the industry. Are you going to maximize your time spent at university, or fritter it away and become one of the 51% with regrets? If you want to be part of the proactive camp, you should sign up for online tuition today