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Grey skies, chilly air, and even a few showers could not keep University students from flocking to see and hear spring 2017 Lawnparties artists at many of the eating clubs on Sunday.

Students stood in line near 1879 Arch to pick up fluorescent purple wristbands that would allow them to take advantage of more than a dozen artists and food options. Because wristbands were available as early as 10 a.m., breakfast bagels were available for students to grab on their way to their respective eating clubs or the various artists.

With options ranging from Taco Bell, to Tico’s Juice Bar, to Nomad Pizza, students were overwhelmed with food choices to help them make it through a day that started as early as 9 a.m. for some.

“Despite the weather, I feel that today's Lawnparties festivities went very well,” wrote U-Councilor Devin Kilpatrick ‘19 in an email. “In particular, the student acts at the various eating clubs and student opener for Jeremih were very well received.”

Doors opened for Jeremih at Quadrangle Club at 2:30 p.m., but he didn’t take the stage until around 3:30 p.m., performing until well after 5 p.m. J.I.D., a rapper who recently signed with rapper J. Cole’s Dreamville label, opened for Jeremih, getting the audience in Quad’s backyard focused and ready for Jeremih.

Asking the crowd if they would like to hear old or new songs, Jeremih invited heavy audience participation. The crowd told him they wanted his old songs, and he obliged. His act featured female backup dancers, a live drummer, as well as his own piano skills. Dressed in a t-shirt, jacket and black Russian fur hat, Jeremih was able to rally the crowd even in the cold. Jeremih performed many of his hits, including “oui,” “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” “Birthday Sex,” “Planez,” and “Down on Me.”

A Chicago artist, Jeremih has been known for hit songs like “Don’t Tell ‘Em” and “Birthday Sex” during his eight-year career. He is also an iHeart Music Award winner and has had several songs on the Billboard Hot 100, including three top-ten hits.

Other acts included Steel Drums at Cloister Inn, Never Shout Never at Tower Club, student DJ Jovan Jeremic ’17 at Tiger Inn, R. City at Colonial Club, Rubix Kube at Cottage Club, Prinze George at Charter Club, Michael Carsley at Cloister Club and DJ Gazzo at Ivy Club. DJ Relley Rozay, also known as Durelle Napier ‘17, was the undergraduate student headliner this year. Terrace featured acts including Sensemaya Afrobeat All-Stars, Thumpasaurus, and Mornings. Bendheim also hosted special guests, including Caroline Reese and Astro Lasso.

“Lawnparties is just one example of the great things that can come out of cooperation between the USG and the Eating Clubs that benefit all students — not just students affiliated with one of the 11 Eating Clubs,” Kilpatrick wrote.

USG Social Chair Lavinia Liang ’18 said she was pleased with the way lawnparties turned out and was happy to see the school year end well for students. 

Tom Hoopes ’20, a member of the Lawnparties team within the USG Social Committee, was tasked with buying supplies for the star.

“I had to buy anything between three cases of smart water, lemons, tea, bananas, and mouthwash for Jeremih,” Hoopes wrote in an email. It seemed to work, however, because students voiced enthusiasm for the act.

“After a few technical difficulties, Jeremih turned out to be a fun performer and his hat really made the show,” said Simone Downs ’20.

"Lawnparties is always one of the highlights of my semester," said Katherine Trout '19.

For many students, this was their favorite lawn parties yet.

“This was the first time I stayed out the entire time,” said Pelumi Odimayo ’19. “It was lit.”

Staff writers Katie Peterson and Jackson Artis contributed reporting.

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