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Are you excited to be done with classes and to welcome summer? Then head to Ivy Club on Sunday because its spring Lawnparties act, Gazzo, is bound to smooth away all your worries and stress with hypnotic tunes. You’ll probably find yourself subconsciously bopping to his music. But don’t worry, everyone else will be doing the same, so there will absolutely be no need to feel self-conscious.

Originally from Hoboken, N.J., but raised in Baltimore, Md., Gazzo is a producer and DJ extraordinaire known for his EDM tracks that incorporate multiple genres. If you have ever heard of Gazzo, you’ve most likely listened to his popular remix of the track, “Never Touch the Ground” by YLUV. This remix flooded multiple satellite radio stations and music festivals in 2014.

The man behind the music is an extremely talented musician who taught himself how to play the guitar, keyboard, drums, and bass. He has been involved in multiple bands since the age of 14 and started producing music when he was only 16. Even with over five years of experience (he officially started producing in 2011), Gazzo still manages to surprise his audiences with new bodies of work that continue to sound fresh.

As he noted in an interview with GoodMusicAllDay, Gazzo admires crossover artists like David Guetta, Kaskade, Calvin Harris, and Tiësto, who is signed to the same record company as Gazzo — Republic/Casablanca Records. Perhaps this is why his music tends to incorporate multiple genres and is, as he terms it, “indescribable.” After reading about established producers like Cash Cash, Tiësto, and Hardwell, who have supported him, I quickly realized the extent of this artist’s talent.

Gazzo just released a new single last week called “Heart Won’t Beat” featuring Aja9, which has received a lot of positive reviews. Apart from producing his own music, Gazzo is also taking the time to develop other young artists. It’s clear that Gazzo truly enjoys his career as he believes that “success isn’t [about] making tons of money, but it’s playing in front of as many people as I can and knowing that for one moment in time, those people are free of their worries at home, their troubles in school, or anything that hinders them from being happy. To have my music and performances be an escape for people is my desire in life.” So be sure to check out Gazzo’s performance this weekend and, at least momentarily, throw all your worries away.

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