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What is love? Is it giving up? ‘Cause that’s not how you raised me.

Never Shout Never is an American rock band formed in 2007 in Joplin, Missouri. The music group is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Christofer Drew, bassist Taylor MacPhee, and drummer Hayden Kaiser.

Drew started making solo music under the name NeverShoutNever! when he was just 16, eventually achieving online recognition on MySpace. Drew’s single “Bigcitydreams,”from his first EP “Yippee,”held the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart for four weeks without a record label. His first full album, “What is Love?,” debuted number 24 on Billboard’s albums chart under his own imprint, Loveway Records. He went on to sign with Warner Brothers Records and started collaborating with the touring band “The Shout,” eventually forming the full band and changing the name to its present stylized form: Never Shout Never.

The music group has released six albums and nine EP’s. Their third album, “Time Travel,”was the first album recorded by the full band. Described as chirpy, emo love tunes, the songs go against mainstream conventions. Drew describes his music as experimental and emphasizes expression. In an interview with Lehigh Valley Music, Drew states that “there’s no reason to make cookie-cutter music. I feel like that’s all that’s coming out these days, and I wish people could just wake up and see that music should be something that’s expression, that’s artistry, that’s not just a song somebody wrote for you.” His love for different sounds echoes across the band, with most live shows being quite different from the label recordings.

One of their more famous songs, “What is Love?,” the title track of their first album, features steady, rustic rock sounds with a simplistic and innocent vibe. The music video is presented in a faded autumn setting, coupled with a creative and artsy approach to the imagery.

Never Shout Never is looking forward to the release of “Emerald Sun,” their seventh album, in 2018.

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