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Rebecca Han


Student Climate Initiative proposes referendum to reduce U. emissions

Sustainability will be on the ballot in the University Student Government (USG) Spring Elections next week. The Princeton Student Climate Initiative (PSCI) has placed a referendum on the USG ballot calling for the University to reduce carbon emissions. The University has already set a goal for carbon neutrality by 2046, but the PSCI sees the current goal as unclear and incomprehensive.

Scammer's scheme goes up in smoke

On March 23, the man entered Dunkin’, Small World Coffee, and the Bent Spoon and posed as a worker for “Metro Fire Prevention” — a fictitious company — which was supposedly located at 1485 State Street, Trenton, NJ.

Thirty seniors to run for Young Alumni Trustee

YATs have the same rights and duties as other members of the Board, and their twofold responsibility is to serve the University and “provide a perspective” to the Board based on their recent experiences as students. 

Courtyard to be named for historic landscape architect Beatrix Farrand

The courtyard between Henry, Foulke, and 1901-Laughlin halls will be named the Beatrix Farrand Courtyard after famed landscape architect Beatrix Farrand, who worked at the University from 1912-1943 as its first consulting landscape architect. Farrand was one of the 11 founding members and the only female member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. She designed and influenced many elements of campus, including the Graduate College, Henry and Foulke halls, McCosh Health Center, and the Dinky station.