Friday, November 27

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Siyang Liu

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"Anything Goes", The Naples Players, March 2009. Source attributed to Creative Commons

Anything goes? No, not really

Though this happened at PHS, it’s still important for us as University students living in our “Orange Bubble” to pay attention to the surrounding community of which we are inevitably a part. We do not live in a vacuum, and this is a valuable lesson to learn. It is too easy, even at the University, to solely embrace to ideas of inclusion and cultural sensitivity without actually putting in real effort to attain them.


Not in my University… right?

"I think (I hope?) that the same thing would not occur at Princeton, however, that’s not to say that Princeton doesn’t have problems of the same nature. Even though our situation may not be as extreme, Princeton too struggles with internalized xenophobia, and it’s important that we confront it.”

It’s not magic

Yes, it is the job of Facilities to clean the bathrooms and take out the trash, but it should not have to deal with the aftermath of laziness. Leaving a mess does not show Facilities how much we appreciate what it does. In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that clean bathrooms and full paper towel dispensers don’t just happen on their own. Real people are working behind the scenes; it’s not magic.

The legacy of white men

These are the names we fondly colloquialize; turning Witherspoon into “’Spoon” or redefining “McCosh” as a verb. The buildings become integrated in our daily lives, yet the people after whom they are named do not represent the diversity of current students.

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