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Kristal Grant

Novogratz Bridge Year participants in Indonesia.
Marissa Michaels / The Daily Princetonian

After students experienced racism abroad, Bridge Year failed to act. Performative efforts today are too little, too late.

My conversations with Bridge Year alumni reveal the harsh reality that the well-being of students of color has not been a priority for the Bridge Year administration. And now, it appears the administration is only taking action because student concerns have become too loud to ignore.  

Inci Karaaslan / The Daily Princetonian

What Princeton students can learn from selective storytelling in ‘The Crown’

I cannot help but wonder if this is the story Netflix should be telling. Why seek to humanize the leaders of a violent, oppressive empire, while depicting the lives of the Black and brown people they harmed as mere backdrops? I understand that this is perhaps the way those people existed within the lives of royals, but why are we giving these royals the privilege of remaining relevant in our lives? 

Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

Without democracy, Princeton’s anti-racism promise will remain hollow

The reality is, nothing will be done for the students and campus workers who need change, so long as the venal relic of an antidemocratic administration hoards the University’s assets and the Board of Trustees are compelled by their very job descriptions to relieve anti-racism of whatever fangs it might carry.

Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

The consequences of being a queer Princeton student during a pandemic

As an institution that is committed to admitting students from diverse backgrounds, Princeton has to be equally as committed to ensuring their success. Many parents of queer students are often painfully aware of the leverage they possess, in that their student’s ability to complete their education is based on their willingness to provide their financial information. 

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