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Ethan Magistro

Courtesy of Alfredo Borba /

From God’s lips to your ear: Kindness in fraught times

One solution to the problem of fracturing, which the Pope writes in his letter, has been immortalized, repeated, and preached to hundreds of generations in the simplest, one-sentence formula: love your neighbor as yourself. From Confucius, to Scripture, to Hobbes, Spinoza, and Kant, and to kindergarten classrooms, the golden rule is the keystone to human interactions. Somehow, however, it seems the hardest to follow.

Mark Dodici / The Daily Princetonian

An $80K zoom call: the unstable connection between USG and the student body

It is easy to criticize USG. Many criticisms are fair. Yet every critic should remember that, should they feel such anger against USG, they can join the senate, vote for officers, and give USG the power it needs. If USG is not to your liking, the action that should be taken is not complaining on Tiger Confessions but making USG better.

Claire Thornton / The Daily Princetonian

Enough smear-mongering: it’s time for real change

We must all work hard to respectfully converse with and listen to each other. This can be tedious, tiring, and painfully frustrating. Further, we should attempt to bracket theoretical differences to create practical, humanitarian change and not ideologically backed revolution. If we fail, then what comes next will be a society that may be better but will be fundamentally unjust. A society founded on injustices will be doomed to repeat them.

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