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Daniel Santoro


USDA: No infractions in animal research

In the most recent unannounced inspection of the University’s lab facilities for non-human primates, the USDA found no infractions. The result of the Nov. 28–29 inspection marks the University’s first misconduct-free report in the last two years.

Networks in brain explain violence

Failure in the part of the brain that controls social functions could explain why regular people might commit acts of ruthless violence, according to new study by a University research team.

SAEN accuses University of rat abuse

In a press release published on its website last Thursday, the animal activist group Stop Animal Exploitation Now! accused the University of allowing at least 10 laboratory rats to die of starvation.According to the account by an anonymous former laboratory employee, the rats were not given food or water in what was perhaps a miscommunication between animal staff and research staff. Two of the rats starved to death after a period of days and those remaining needed to be euthanized.

Res college funding decided by population size, not endowment

Despite the popular perception that newer residential colleges, such as Whitman and Butler College, have larger endowments to fund more expensive student activities, several University representatives explained that the colleges’ budgets are determined by the number of student residents.

Animal rights group releases commercial about University

In a press release sent out early Tuesday morning, the animal rights activist group Stop Animal Exploitation Now! expressed its intent to air a commercial that would shed negative light on the University’s experimentation practices regarding nonhuman primates.

Einstein’s Alley brings together academia, business

An event held by Einstein’s Alley, an organization which seeks to foster technology-based entrepreneurship in New Jersey, drew around 80 participants from a variety of fields to the Frick Chemistry Laboratory’s Taylor Commons on Monday night.

Starr and Wailoo discuss U.S. health care

On Tuesday night, sociology professor Paul Starr and history professor Keith Wailoo gave an informal talk on the different perspectives of the current healthcare situation in America.  Both professors presented introductions of their previous works on the topic and shared their insights on past, present and future issues involving American healthcare.

Protestors target lab treatment of animals

A coalition of animal rights activists protested the University’s alleged mistreatment of animals used in research at the intersection of Nassau Street and Washington Road on Saturday.

Activists accuse University of lab animal violations

In the past month, a number of animal activist groups have criticized the University and other Ivy League schools for their laboratories’ treatments of animals used in medical research, but spokespersons at these schools have rejected the accuracy of these reports and reiterated their emphasis on avoiding incidents.

Council for International Teaching and Research appoints four new Global Scholars

Last week, Princeton’s Council for International Teaching and Research announced four new Global Scholars who have been awarded three-year appointments at the University beginning in the years 2011-12 and 2012-13. The four individuals are scholars of different academic disciplines and all are from different parts of the globe.