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Cameron Lee


In conversation with Trenton seniors: The importance of music and the arts

As we search for ways to keep ourselves entertained while sequestered within our homes, we have become increasingly dependent on art. However, not everyone can easily engage with the arts, as participation demands a high premium, particularly for the performing arts, such as classical music and ballet. For Trenton Youth Orchestra students, Princeton’s closure means a loss of both music and a vibrant community. Their reflections remind us of the importance of the arts, particularly during trying times.

Xenophobia in the midst of COVID-19

When a pandemic means losing control over one’s life, the qualities which make us human become compromised. The choice to associate COVID-19 with China stems from historical and systemic choices in America to associate disease with foreigners and particularly Chinese immigration.

The bittersweet paradox of ‘Parasite’ and the Oscars


A closer examination of the politics of “Parasite” and its Oscar success reveals the extremity of Western culture’s global influence and Hollywood’s domination of the film industry, and it inadvertently sets a standard for foreign countries that desire inclusion in the glamour and prestige of the Academy Awards.

Relearning how to learn


But when I stripped away all expectations and started from a baseline of nothing, adding instead of subtracting from my potential, I found that communicating in Japanese began to feel fun rather than embarrassing.

Monetizing Asian culture


I begin to have qualms when certain aspects of Asian culture are cherry-picked while other aspects are rejected or when white Americans begin profiting from the exploitation of Asian culture. 

Is Glossier worth the hype?


Glossier, the champion of the fresh-faced and clear lip gloss aesthetic, has taken the makeup world by storm. The Prospect reviews whether Glossier’s products are actually worth their hype. 

First-year reflections


My first memories of Princeton are the awe and pride I felt when I first gazed up at the Hogwarts-style turrets flanking Blair Arch; the muggy, swamp-like air of the final days of summer that made walking feel like wading through a swamp; the utter fear and excitement of entering the Rocky dining hall with a plate of D-hall food for the first time, alone.

The old, the new, the strange: Christmas tunes from the past, present, and future


Of course, not everyone has these same associations, but in hopes of spreading some of my holiday cheer with others, I’ve created a playlist packed with fresh Christmas-and-winter-related jams. Well-aware of how annoying Christmas music gets after hearing the same songs over and over again, there also are songs by lesser-known and non-Christmassy artists as well.