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Auhjanae McGee

Payton Croskey / The Daily Princetonian

The importance of humanity in 'Judas and the Black Messiah'

Complete with gorgeous cinematography and stellar performances, King expertly crafts the film narrative in a way that is extremely relevant to contemporary conversation, while stressing the importance of humanization. In a roundtable discussion with college journalists, the main actors of “Judas” each shared their experiences working on the film and why they believe it’s important to view the film now. 

Auhjanae McGee / The Daily Princetonian

Memes and mobilization

In light of being prematurely sent home due to the coronavirus, never have I seen such complex, crafty, and community-minded memes be published at this quick of a pace. In memes and advocacy, I see conduits for empathy, for community building, and ways to make people feel better, in variant but parallel methods.

Photo Courtesy of Pxhere

“Where can I find a Denman brush?”: How to navigate Afro haircare in a PWI

So, here’s your guide for black haircare here at Princeton: set aside a specific day to take care of your hair, and develop a thorough wash day routine. If you are transitioning to a natural style, focus on highlighting other aspects of your appearance that make you feel confident. While you are natural, stick to one brand that works for you. And finally, whether you are in need of a particular product or hair for your protective styles, your best bet is to find them online, probably Amazon.

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