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Bhaamati Borkhetaria


Why men are almost always wrong

The message that women have a high capacity for irrationality is repeated over and over again across the internet and on television. It is no wonder that this characterization of women as mad has slipped into our private lives.

Secret hack for brown people at U.S. airports

I get stopped every single time when I go through security. And when I wear my hoodie with the large orange letters on it, I feel a bit of self-satisfaction that there’s a great chance that Princeton will save me from discrimination.

A different kind of bubble

“Can I say Mandarin to describe the language that you are speaking?” “What do you mean your Chinese name isn’t Flora?” These sorts of questions were met with hilarity from Chinese people who had never been so brashly questioned by a foreigner. But the answers were kindly given, even if they were also condescending. I accepted it and took the time to understand that the answers were usually this one person’s opinion or explanation, not representative of the entire Chinese populace.


If you’ve heard our president speak, you’ve heard about the dangerous, all-consuming “liberal media.” The “lying media.” The “fake news.” According to Trump and his advisors, the media seems to persecute any idea or person that does not follow its “liberal ideology.” This sort of media framing has become a popular way for editors and writers of alt-right news sources to defend their material.

Correcting the record: a response

The following article clarifies and elaborates on certain points I made in an article I recently wrote for this section and responds to some of the criticism it has received. First of all, I’d like to clarify that nowhere in my article do I make the broad claim that all conservatives are racist, misogynistic, or ignorant.

The conservative persecution complex

There is an emerging belief that people holding conservative views are being persecuted in a way akin to how historically oppressed groups have been. Complaints include an inability to voice opinions without being censored, discrimination based on conservative beliefs, and a fear of being labelled as ignorant.

Why Not Touch Each Other?

We all follow implicit rules that dictate when and how to touch other people. It’s something we rarely talk about, and even the phrase “touch people” is something of a perversion or a corny spiritual platitude. But the fact is, touch is an integral part of human interaction. 

Collecting people

During Bicker I was asked a question that, like most Bicker questions, was banal: What do you look for in a friend?

Consent is not enough

Among all of this talk of consent, we are missing something that can help us better address the problem of sexual assault. We need to address the fact that even though sexual assault is being taken more seriously, neither the impulse to rape nor rape itself has disappeared.