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Annie Yang

The Daily Princetonian

CPS enables online appointment scheduling

Starting this semester, students can schedule appointments with the University's Counseling and Psychological Services online, according to Director of CPS Calvin Chin. Previously, students had the option to schedule appointments via phone or in-person. “With online scheduling, students can schedule an appointment right away, during those moments when students are ready to reach out, instead of waiting until CPS is open again,” he said. Chin explained that CPS explored ways to implement the online scheduling last year and used this past summer to refine the process.

Smoke reported in Cap and Gown Club

Smoke detected in Cap and Gown Club, no reported damage or injuries

Smoke from a burning cigarette in Cap and Gown Club resulted in an emergency responseon Thursdayafternoon, according toDaniel Day, assistant vice president for Communications for the University. Robert Gregory, director of Emergency Services for the town of Princeton, confirmed on site that there was emission of smoke in the back of Cap as a result of an unattended burning cigarette. "Firefighters had doused [the cigarette] with water," he said. According to Gregory, there was no damage as a result of the smoke and no reported injuries. Most of the firefighters had exited the building around2:55 p.m.and emergency vehicles had cleared the scene at approximately3:05 p.m.

The Daily Princetonian

Panel discusses Wilson's legacy on race

Former University and United States presidentWoodrow Wilson, Class of 1879,is often noted for his domestic and international achievements, but was a divisive figure,Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Wilson School,said in a panelon Friday. “He alienated many while denying the others the fullness of their humanity on racial grounds,” she said. Under his watch, the University remained a bastion of white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, and on a national level, segregated the Federal Civil Service, which closed a pathway for the advancement for African-Americans, she added. Panelist Chad Williams GS ’04, associate professor and chair of the Department of African and Afro-American Studies at Brandeis University, said thereis a bigger conversation to be had about how we think about history and the place of black people in this country’s history. He said that as a student, he understood the dissonance that had animated the BJL protest: the feeling of being “at” Princeton, but not “of” Princeton. “Having this conversation is very important.

The Daily Princetonian

Layden discusses negative aspects of pornography

In a lecture Thursday, Mary Anne Layden said that pornography, which is a visual invasion of a person’s body, is not a victimless crime.Layden is a psychotherapist and author based at the University of Pennsylvania, where she directs the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program as well as the Social Action Committee for Women’s Psychological Health.According to Layden, selling the body is considered sexual exploitation and stealing the body is considered sexual violence."Sex is now a product, and the body is now a commodity," she said.She added that sexual exploitation and sexual violence are a seamless, interconnected continuum.Layden said that there are many studies that provide scientific evidence of the negative consequences of porn.According to Layden, brain images of porn users look similar to those of teenagers and cocaine users, only with less gray matter."Internet pornography is the new crack cocaine," she said.Moreover, according to Layden, about 58 percent of all male pornography users, with an average age of 25, had erectile dysfunction when engaging in sexual relations with women but not while viewing pornography.Layden said that there are many false messages in pornography, including the idea that sex is adversarial or a one-way street.

The Daily Princetonian

Cruz '92 attacks Trump in final GOP debate before Super Tuesday

Businessman Donald Trump is not a credible Republican presidential candidate because he has donated to several Democrats’ campaigns in the past,Texas Senator Ted Cruz '92 argued in the Republican debate on Thursday.Both Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio also noted that Trump had employed illegal immigrants on his properties, pointing out as well that he had funded the “Gang of Eight,” which offers individuals a path to citizenship.

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