Thursday, October 28

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National Champs

NEW HAVEN, Conn. ? By yesterday afternoon the question at the finals of the Howe Cup was not which team would win, but just how quickly the women's squash team would claim the Cup and the national title that goes with it.Princeton would not have to wait long.

SPORTS | 02/15/1998

Women's basketball splits two Ivy games; turnovers help cause loss

For the second consecutive weekend, the women's basketball team split its two weekend games. This time, however, there were no wild celebrations, no game-winning steals and no multi-year winning streaks that came to an end.Although Princeton (12-9 overall, 6-3 Ivy League) was able to salvage a 60-42 victory over Yale in New Haven, Conn., Saturday, a Friday defeat at Brown could prove devastating to the Tigers' hopes of winning the regular-season conference title.

SPORTS | 02/15/1998


Men's hoops, Howe Cup seize campus' attention; world focuses on Nagano

You've probably heard by now (after all, it's Thursday, three whole days after it happened) that our men's basketball team cracked the top-10 in both national polls this week.Perhaps you're aware that women's hoops defeated Harvard last weekend to end the Crimson's 32-game win streak.If you're a real Princeton sports enthusiast you might even know that women's squash is vying for ? and has a good chance of winning ? the Howe Cup this weekend.But outside our Princeton athletic bubble is another event, one that is supposed to unify the world, but isn't getting much student attention: the Winter Olympics.

SPORTS | 02/11/1998

Out of the shadows

Given all the recent publicity surrounding the men's basketball team's rise in the polls, it isn't too surprising that a Princeton player is seen in the opening sequence of SportsCenter.The logical choice might be senior center Steve Goodrich.

SPORTS | 02/11/1998