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Letters to the Editor

Network concerns led to CIT 'sweep'This is in response to Jason Brownlee's Feb. 3 column, "CIT's Big Brother Cybersweep Compromises Students' Privacy."I am the employee who said CIT would not seek out unauthorized MP3 files, and I sent the late November messages regarding Napster software.

OPINION | 02/07/2000


Coming home

"I had a breakdown Sunday night because I was ready to go back [to London]. It seems insular here at Princeton.""The theater in London is cheaper than renting a movie, and four of the seven plays we read in my Shakespeare class at University College showed in the theater.

OPINION | 02/02/2000

CIT's Big Brother cybersweep compromises students' privacy

In late November, just days after a CIT employee was quoted in the 'Prince' as saying that it would not follow Carnegie Mellon's footsteps in monitoring student network use, CIT conducted an unannounced "sampling of campus network activity." We learned about this server sweep when CIT e-mailed students who had been found "uploading MP3s." The e-mail warned them to uninstall the program Napster if they had it on their computers.

OPINION | 02/02/2000

Letters to the Editor

Bradley playing same political gameI wonder whether some of Bill Bradley's emotional potency, palpable air of electricity, and majestic honesty that Alex Rawson '01 and Dana Satir '01 described is due more to the feelings of impressionable college kids who got to mix with the political elite than to the traits of Bradley himself.

OPINION | 02/01/2000

Appreciating the value of 'Dollar' Bill

At 3:26 A.M. on Tuesday, January 25, Senator Bill Bradley and his key supporters marched into the hangar at the Manchester Airport to announce his return to New Hampshire for the final week before the Democratic primary.We had already been in the state for two days, cold-calling strangers, canvassing with campaign literature, and putting up signs, but this was our first glimpse of the man for whom we were working so tirelessly.

OPINION | 01/31/2000