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A helping hand

The University is making good on its old adage "Princeton in the nation's service" through its new program of curriculum-based community service.

OPINION | 03/26/1998


Tearing down the age-old walls of the great 'Thesis Myth'

Recommendation for all seniors who are starting to feel the press of thesis panic: Visit Mudd Library.Mudd is the flat, nondescript library next to the computer science building, and it is there that senior theses from the 1920s are housed; presumably, some incredibly valuable manuscripts reside there as well because Mudd has more stringent security than most banks in this town.Think Marquand is bad?

OPINION | 03/25/1998

A look at the unspoken awards on Oscar night

The 70th Annual Academy Awards have come to a close. As is so disappointingly typical of this awards ceremony, there were few surprises: only once did I leap off my cushions screaming, "What the hell!" and that time it was more in anger than in genuine surprise.As expected, "Titanic" cleaned house, grabbing the Oscar for eleven of its fourteen nominations, including Best Director (silly looking James Cameron) and Best Picture.

OPINION | 03/25/1998

Slowly but surely

Students can take one big, collective sigh of relief. The initial storm of the grade inflation debate has passed and it appears that the University will not, after all, rush headfirst into a sweeping inditement of its current grading system.

OPINION | 03/24/1998

Letters to the Editor

On revitalization of school spiritThree years ago if you had told me I would be arriving at Princeton basketball games an hour early just to get a seat, I would have said, "No way." Well, I did.

OPINION | 03/22/1998

Justifying the lesser-known angles of a University icon

I've heard a lot of talk in the last few weeks about Professor Toni Morrison what with all the commotion about Oprah's secret visit, the release of her new book "Paradise" and the filming of "Beloved." Though we may hold these truths to be self-evident, there is an underlying cynicism surrounding Toni-mania based in nothing but jealousy and gossip.Let's examine . . . Has Toni Morrison ever claimed to be the Pope?

OPINION | 03/12/1998