Robertson Hall, home of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.
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The facts aren’t everything

Facts, I do not deny, have their place and usefulness. But the liberals who are repudiated by a disillusioned public do not get to lay claim to them perpetually, and even where they’re right, they’d be well-advised to check their pretentious attitude — if not for the sake of Trump, then for the persuasion of those who regard him in a positive light.

OPINION | February 6

Too much to read, too little time?

“Too much to read and too little time” is probably the answer for a good many students. We begin our courses with romantic notions of learning, discussing world-changing ideas, growing deeper and more nuanced in our understanding of ourselves and the world. Soon, however, we are in survival mode, simply trying to keep up with — or at least not fall too far behind in — our work because we’ve got too much to read and too little time.

OPINION | February 5

Charter Club.
Photo Credit: Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

Bicker: better options exist

Hundreds of students, both current and former, have expressed their enthusiasm and support for our cause, and many more have vented their discontent online over Charter’s decision to switch to Bicker. Students on this campus are becoming increasingly vocal: They are calling for a Princeton where students can find community and break bread irrespective of wealth or social status.

OPINION | February 2

Princeton Theological Seminary.
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Reparations now

The University prides itself with leveraging one of the largest endowments in the country — and the political power it carries — to the benefit of its students. What is keeping them from implementing a plan for reparations? 

OPINION | January 5