Sean Farrell, senior workplace safety specialist in Environmental Health and Safety, sorts through boxes of personal protective equipment.
Denise Applewhite / University Office of Communications

65,000 donations and counting: how the U. mobilized community service in light of COVID-19

Ranging from administrators within the University’s Emergency Management Group, professors in the School of Architecture, to costume designers in McCarter Theater, individuals responded to Governor Phil Murphy’s call to universities, corporations, and other organizations for donations.

NEWS | April 12

Princeton students on campus in 1918.
Courtesy of Princeton University Archives

A look at how the U.’s response to COVID-19 compares to past pandemics

In contrast to past pandemics, today’s students are accustomed to moving freely around campus, the town, and even farther afield to nearby cities, and many people in town regularly commute to New York City or Philadelphia for work. The level of interaction between the University and the surrounding community and the difficulty of imposing such strict rules for civilian populations suggest that protective sequestration was never a viable response to COVID-19. 

NEWS | April 8