Wednesday, March 22

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What is peace?

These photographs are a collection of artistic responses by the Princeton University community to the question: ?What Is Peace?? Images of tranquility and beauty mingle with photos of boys playing with toy guns and a twisted weapon in front of the U.N.

NEWS | 12/07/2008


Grade Deflated

Nearly two years after the faculty voted to accept a proposal aimed at combatting grade inflation, the 'Prince' examines the plan's implementation and its effects.Click here to see The Daily Princetonian's 2006 Grade Deflation series.

NEWS | 01/31/2008

Would-be alumni find fame, fortune even without degrees

At some point in their first year of college, all students wish they were somewhere else. Anywhere else.And at that point, some fraction of students decides that even the prestige of the University's seal on that diploma isn't worth the long, rocky road it takes to obtain it.After all, Princeton students have class years tacked on the end of their names until the end of time, whether they complete a triumphant march out FitzRandolph Gate or not.Never fear.

NEWS | 07/13/2003