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Can this algorithm help Princeton students find love?

Daybreak looks into The Marriage Pact on Princeton's campus

<h5>Sydney Peng / The Daily Princetonian</h5>
Sydney Peng / The Daily Princetonian

Last month, The Marriage Pact survey swept through campus, promising to find students “their optimal marital back-up plans” through a mathematical algorithm. The ‘Prince’ podcast team partnered with The Prospect to see how the social experiment fared at Princeton. 

On this Valentine’s Day episode of Daybreak, we speak with Phoebe Park ’21 and Andrew White ’23 — a USG officer who helped bring the Marriage Pact to Princeton and a gap year student who received a particularly strange match, respectively. 


Today’s episode was written by Francesca Block and produced under the 145th managing board of the Prince. All interviews for this episode were conducted by Prospect Writer Cathleen Weng. Our theme was composed by Ed Horan ’22. 

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