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News & Notes: Eisgruber, Lempert discuss town-gown interests in public meeting

University President Christopher Eisgruber ’83, Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert, and members of the Princeton Council met to discuss town-gown interests in the fourth annual public meeting between the town and the University. According to Eisgruber, the University and the town share several commitments including civil liberties, civil exchange, respect for all people, and the importance of education. The University and the town were recently involved in a lawsuit over properties the University owned that were tax-exempt under the University’s nonprofit status.

NEWS | 11/15/2016

Task force recommends change in language requirement, academic calendar

In a report issued Thursday morning, the Task Force on General Education made six recommendations pertaining to undergraduate teaching that span from mandating foreign language studies regardless of prior proficiency to changes in the academic calendar.According to the report, the task force is recommending that the fall term start earlier and conclude in December.

NEWS | 10/27/2016

Amended lawsuit against U. filed by former dean of architecture alleges dismissed investigations against Prentice, Eisgruber

In response to a press release issued by the University in late May, professor and former dean of architecture Alejandro Zaera-Polo has filedan amended civil action complaint against University President Christopher Eisgruber ’83, Dean of Faculty Deborah Prentice, and twenty other anonymous individuals affiliated with the University.The amended complaint alleges that the May 26 press release was made in violation of the University’s internal confidentiality rules and included misleading disclosures.The amended complaint raised a number of allegations including the fact that the defendants chose to not disclose evidence favorable to Zaera-Polo to the investigation committee, that the defendants selectively interviewed witnesses adverse to Zaera-Polo, and that Eisgruber’s demand for Zaera-Polo’s resignation was unprecedented.“These facts, among others, directly contradict Defendant’s improper public assertion that Plaintiff had been found guilty of research misconduct by a ‘fair, unbiased, and rule-complaint procedure,’” the brief said with regards to the May 26th press release.In the copy of the amended brief obtained by the ‘Prince,’ Zaera-Polo also raised a number of new claims about the breach of conduct on the part of various University administrators.

NEWS | 10/25/2016