Saturday, November 28

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Letter From The Editor

Letter from the Editors: Protect our students

Trump may end DACA as early as Sept. 1. We urge Trump not to end DACA without a suitable, compassionate, and permanent replacement and the University to bring DACA students back to campus before the Sept. 5 deadline imposed by the group of attorneys general who have threatened to sue the Trump administration. Let’s live up to our motto — “Princeton in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.”

OPINION | 09/01/2017

Letter from the Editor: Welcome to Princeton – Princeton in the Nation's Service and the Service of Humanity

Your class is taking – and will take – unprecedented strides forward in many respects, as the first class to enroll more women than men, the class with the highest percentage of first-generation college students, at 16.9 percent, and the first class to enroll five military veterans. So as Princeton serves this nation, serves humanity, as its unofficial motto prescribes, by moving towards greater equality in opportunity, expanding those opportunities for everyone, and redefining ‘public service’ and what it means to serve, it’s now your turn – as a part of our collective responsibility – to consider how you, too, will serve, not only your community here at Princeton, but humanity. Looking back, as an incoming freshman, I certainly didn’t give Princeton’s motto a second thought (granted, the University motto was different then too). In fact, the only conception of ‘service’ that I harbored before arriving at Princeton entailed volunteering at the local public library, hospital, or food bank.

OPINION | 08/08/2017

Letter from the Editor: A renewed commitment

The power of journalism lies in its ability to share people’s stories and raise their voices. But with that power comes great responsibility — a responsibility to truth, and a responsibility to people. This is why such a passionate, committed staff collectively pours innumerable hours, words, images, and ideas into this publication almost every day without much recognition.

OPINION | 02/05/2017