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Letter from the Editor: Reflecting on a year of service

<p>Photo credit: Christopher Lillja/Office of Communications</p>

Photo credit: Christopher Lillja/Office of Communications

It is unbelievable that just under a year ago, I was addressing you all for the first time as the editor in chief. Today, I am addressing you for the last time. 

In the past year, our campus community has grown and developed in a variety of ways. Students challenged the inaction of the University administration in dealing with campus issues related to Title IX through public demonstrations that lasted over a week. The campus began preparations to welcome the largest class in Princeton history, approving and beginning construction of a new residential college that expands campus across Carnegie Lake. Frequenters of the Street pondered how in the world someone could take the door off an eating club and attach it to a light pole at the Washington Road intersection. My staff and I had the opportunity to cover it all firsthand.


Outside of day-to-day coverage, we had the pleasure of taking deeper dives into some of the most complex portions of Princeton history. Two special-edition papers explored African-American activism since the 1960s, and took a look at how ROTC cadets and alumni exemplify “Princeton in the Nation’s Service.” Writers investigated the challenging legacy of the Firestone Library name, examined eating club membership based on socio-economic background, explored the nutrition and weight lifting program for Princeton football, and more. I am honored to have been able to oversee all of these stories. 

What I am most proud of is seeing the growth of student-journalists throughout our board and the changing perceptions of students outside of it. Earlier this year, one of our most senior editors noted, “We don’t recruit journalists, we build them.” 

For those that do not know, most Prince staff writers come in with no prior experience in journalism; they come in with a passion to try it out and a desire to learn as much as possible. Watching students who had never written an article in their life turn out stories that impress even the most veteran of journalists has been one of the most rewarding experiences of the position – validating how the ‘Prince’ is fostering an environment that promotes an accepting community that challenges each other to reach new heights. 

As for students outside of the organization, I have been impressed with their continued commitment to readership and debate. Princeton students have challenged our organization to better cover affinity spaces, questioned the intentions of various University initiatives, and celebrated the work of those whose stories often go untold. Thanks to a readership who cares enough to demand we do better, this past year we have been able to push the organization in ways never thought possible and are on the path to reaching towards new heights. 

I am very excited and honored to pass the torch onto Jon Ort, who will be the next editor in chief. Jon was one of my closest advisers last year, and it is clear he is incredibly fit for the job ahead. He is incredibly diligent, putting in as much effort for an article at 10 p.m. as an article at 1:30 a.m. Furthermore, Jon is willing to have provocative conversations that challenge the status quo of the ‘Prince’; I look forward to seeing what barriers he attempts to break down in the coming board. With his experience as a managing editor, Jon is already acutely aware of the necessary qualities to be a good EIC, and I am confident his transition to the role will be seamless. The ‘Prince’ is in very good hands with Jon and the rest of his board.

As for me? I certainly plan on sticking around at the ‘Prince.’ I hope to serve as a resource to the 143rd Managing Board in any way I can. Most excitingly, I plan on going back to writing for the sports and features section, returning to my roots after nearly a year off. 


Thank you all for your continued support to the organization, and I leave you with this: keep reading, keep learning, keep questioning, and keep growing. 

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