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Election Day has arrived. 469 students told us how they were voting.

On the eve of the 2020 Presidential Election, The Daily Princetonian shares data gathered from a survey of the undergraduate student body, asking about voting plans, registration status, and views on the presidential candidates. The 469 respondents painted a picture of unenthusiastic support, passionate disapproval, and wholehearted civic engagement.

FEATURES | 11/03/2020


‘Committee, committee, committee’: After five years, Princeton’s approach to institutional reform hasn’t changed

On Sept. 2, President Eisgruber laid out how his administration would “combat systemic racism” — announcing plans that resemble the University’s response to the Black Justice League in 2015. With insight from the students, alumni, and stakeholders who sat on the previous iteration of committees, The Daily Princetonian unravels a convoluted story of college governance, layers upon layers of committees, and the difficulties that impede institutional change.

FEATURES | 09/24/2020

Map of USA with county outlines

Two Princeton teams, one mission: the fight to create fairer election outcomes

As data collection for this year’s census draws to a close, focus is shifting towards the use of that data in determining electoral representation. Two Princeton-based groups, the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and Representable, are working to stop the threat of partisan redistricting, a practice commonly known as gerrymandering.

FEATURES | 08/13/2020

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Princeton businesses received over $200M in PPP loans. Some are still struggling.

The U-Store, Tower Club, McCarter Theatre,  Princeton Theological Seminary, Small World Coffee, Labyrinth Books, Jammin’ Crepes, and the Princeton Record Exchange all received loans of over $150,000. Several small business owners told the ‘Prince’ that this lifeline, while helpful, wasn’t enough. 

FEATURES | 08/06/2020