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Sexual misconduct and the abuse of power

In the midst of a national conversation on sexual misconduct and the abuses of power by national figures like Harvey Weinstein and others, it should hardly surprise us to learn (or perhaps, remember) that academia is home to perpetrators of sexual misconduct as well. A university’s hierarchical organization enables those in authority to exploit vulnerable individuals in the hierarchy, often without consequence. 

OPINION | 11/26/2017

Editorial: Ensuring due process in sexual misconduct cases

As sexual assault has become an issue of increasing concern on college campuses and in national politics, the Board has advocated proposals to help prevent assault at Princeton and encouraged students to take the We Speak survey. We must consider a related issue with equal concern: how the University can ensure a fair, impartial process as it adjudicates alleged sexual misconduct.

OPINION | 05/11/2017

Editorial: Engage with opposing viewpoints during orientation

As the 2016-2017 academic year comes to an end, the University is already preparing to welcome the next incoming class in the fall. First-years will participate in a host of activities that comprises the University’s orientation program. This program is designed to ease the transition to campus life “by introducing first-year students to the values, expectations, and resources of the inclusive Princeton community.”

OPINION | 05/07/2017

Editorial: Defending the Honor Code’s standard penalty

In recent weeks, there has been considerable debate in the opinion pages of The Daily Princetonian about the Honor Committee. Recent columns have touched on the very nature of the Honor Code itself, even opposing the current penalties for academic integrity violations during in-class exams. The Board supports the current standard penalty of a one-year suspension for Honor Code violations because this appropriately upholds community standards and provides opportunity for rehabilitation.

OPINION | 04/30/2017

Editorial: Expanding and confirming Honor Committee membership

The Board supports increasing the size of the Honor Committee to reduce the burden on individual members and to better preserve institutional knowledge. However, the Board believes that requiring a closed session and supermajority vote of the USG Senate to confirm committee nominees will unduly restrict a transparent and fair confirmation process.

OPINION | 04/27/2017


Editorial: gender neutral housing

At the start of each April, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors eagerly make living arrangements for the following academic year through the room draw process. Since there is a considerable disparity in the quality of different housing arrangements, the rules for room draw enhance living choice for some students while restricting it for others.

OPINION | 03/26/2017

Editorial: Improving conditions for independents

Every year, 70 percent of undergraduate upperclassmen at Princeton participate in the eating club system. Recently, though, a growing proportion of Princetonians are choosing to be independent; these students often do not know where to get the food for their next meal and whether it will be a nutritious and a sit-down affair or just a slice of pizza scavenged from a campus event. 

OPINION | 03/09/2017

Editorial: Affirming free speech and encouraging team leadership

In December 2016, Princeton’s men’s swimming and diving team made national news after University officials suspended the team’s season following reports of “several materials” deemed “vulgar and offensive, as well as misogynistic and racist in nature.” This announcement came shortly after Harvard suspended its men’s soccer team over a similar issue.

OPINION | 03/02/2017

Editorial: Considerations in expanding the student body

In his recent State of the University letter, President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 reaffirmed the University’s intent to expand the size of the undergraduate student body, with the hope of “grow[ing] enrollment while maintaining the distinctive character of a Princeton education.” We appreciate the University’s effort to offer the Princeton experience to a greater number of qualified applicants, and we do not oppose the expansion of the student body; however, we urge the University to keep in mind a number of considerations while planning for the expansion. 

OPINION | 02/23/2017