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Dear Princeton seniors,

These last few days have been tumultuous, frantic, and disappointing. The Daily Princetonian invites you and other seniors to participate in a photojournalism feature, where we aim to create substitutes of thesis and graduation photos for a story commemorating this time of uncertainty and finality. We hope to take these photos in the afternoon of Sunday, March 15. Not every photo will ultimately be used in the finalized piece, but we promise to send each photo we take to their respective participants.

In accordance with University guidelines, we will try to minimize the number of seniors who will be gathering throughout the afternoon. Unfortunately, this means only a certain number of people will have the opportunity to be featured. Please fill out the following Google form if you are interested in this opportunity and give the ‘Prince’ permission to publish your photo. However, if you are certain that you will not be available on Sunday afternoon, please give other seniors the chance to take part in this feature. On behalf of our limited staff during this transition period, we will be restricting the sign-up sheet to the first 20 seniors, who will receive information on further steps later this weekend. We understand any disappointment that may arise if you miss this cutoff or are unable to participate.


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