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Siyang Liu


Adding soy sauce makes it Asian, right?

In order to reduce the whitewashing and irresponsible consolidation of different cuisines from countries all around Asia, we must actively maintain an open mind to change our perception of what food is “disgusting” or “weird.”

"Ooh na na, what's my name?": The importance of getting it right

My name is something my parents gave me to pass on their hopes, their aspirations, a little piece of them that they bestowed upon me. The meaning of my name, “Siyang,” or “思扬,” is multifaceted. The first character can mean “thinking of” and the second is a shortened version of the Chinese city, “Yangzhou.” This is because Yangzhou is where my parents first met, and therefore those two characters always draw back to that time and place where the paths of their lives first crossed. My name is a tribute to the tenacity and beauty of their love. In addition, “yang” means to rise, to fly — a kind of lightness and happiness they hope for me. There is too much meaning carried in those two syllables of my very Chinese name for me to ever let it go. I am my name.

Paintball in COS 126

This man that claimed to be affiliated with the University (but didn’t offer proof to show it) was still able to market to the entire COS 126 lecture. The result was that students were directly taken advantage of.