Neha Chauhan


‘Writer to be reckoned with’ Jerkins ’14 talks identity, writing

“Black women are extremely complex. Oftentimes we may be messy, we may be contradictory,”  said Morgan Jerkins ’14. “With this book, I hope that people will read about one black woman’s reality and not think that she speaks for all black women because I am not the arbiter of truth, I cannot monopolize black womanhood, much less blackness.”

Broken sprinkler leads to Holder Hall flood, student relocation

Alice Wistar ’20 was sitting outside her room in Holder Hall entryway 4 when she heard alarms going off from within the building. When she walked inside, the floor was wet, and she soon discovered that the water had soaked her roommate’s belongings. 

Solar power plant plans ahead 100 years

Though the University earns SRECs from the energy its solar field produces, the University currently sells those SRECs to pay off the initial loan for the solar field, explained Engineering and Campus Energy executive director Thomas Nyquist. As such, the SREC-measured value of the energy produced by its solar field is masked, at least on paper.

Princeton Energy Plant responded smoothly to Sandy

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center has predicted a mild winter, contrary to the storms in past years. Last March, a severe storm dubbed Stella led the University to put in extra precautions among its staff and other University community members. The year before, another storm dubbed Jonas hit campus during intersession — hard. In addition to staff preparations, the University has other measures to mitigate the impact of a huge storm. 

Diagon Alley event draws 'magical' crowds

On Saturday, 25,000 Harry Potter enthusiasts flooded Spring Street in Newton, N.J. — just about an hour from Princeton — to witness its transformation into Diagon Alley for the afternoon.

Kristan Hawkins speaks out against abortion, feminism

“Abortion is and always will be the opposite of empowerment,” said Kristan Hawkins during her pro-life lecture Monday night.  Hawkins’ talk at the University was a part of an national tour, “Announcing the Lies Feminists Tell.” 

Princeton Peer Nightline grows as biweekly support resource for students

Rarely can students find a place to share what is weighing on their minds without worrying about the consequences of what they are disclosing. Princeton Peer Nightline, a peer-run, confidential and anonymous call and chat service run by volunteers, offers just that. Open on Tuesday and Friday nights, the network offers an empathetic ear for issues with which students are struggling.