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Morgan Lucey


Hurricanes reflect America's socioeconomic inequality

I might have enjoyed hurricane parties and days off from school, but I was lucky not to deal with challenges of infrastructure and accessibility, which many Panhandle residents are currently facing, in suburban Jacksonville. 

Treat the hearing as a job interview: Kavanaugh shouldn't get a second round

Ford’s story would not necessarily hold up in a court of law, but this hearing was not a court of law. Rather, it was a job interview, for what might currently be the most important job in the country. Thus, the hearing should have focused on whether Kavanaugh is qualified to serve as a Supreme Court justice, rather than whether he committed the assault. It is clear from his reaction that he is not qualified.

The unspoken benefits of Greek life

For 20 percent of students on campus, next week represents an important time of fall semester: sorority and fraternity recruitment. The students who decide to join a Greek organization at the end of the process will likely find that it offers a much more comprehensive support system on campus than previously expected.

Redefining productivity

If the student body stopped feeling guilty for spending time in ways that are traditionally “unproductive,” this campus would foster a stronger community with a more holistic sense of what defines learning.

McCosh needs to increase access to sexual health services

Although the clinic is open 24 hours a day, emergency contraception is only available during business hours, when a doctor or nurse trained in sexual healthcare is available. To obtain emergency contraception, one has to endure a conversation with a nurse or doctor about safe sex. When one is so vulnerable regarding their sexual activity, having to speak with a relative stranger at length about it only makes an already uncomfortable situation worse.

The importance of preserving Utah's national monuments

In December of 2017, President Donald Trump, alongside U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, announced plans to reduce the land of two protected national monuments in Utah. I am calling for students to continue to pressure the government to maintain the natural spaces that are formative to our national identity.