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Morgan Lucey


Activism pays off eventually

I am not calling for everyone on this campus to participate in HIV/AIDS activism. This is a worthwhile cause, but it is not the only one by any means.  Whichever issue one chooses to fight for, it is necessary to accept the fact that the goal may not be achieved instantaneously, even if initial efforts require massive amount of time and energy. Continued, steady effort over longer periods of time will prove to be more successful. 

Don't take learning for granted

I hope that students at the University take their last classes at Princeton as opportunities to challenge themselves and learn something new, not just opportunities to boost one’s GPA.

The importance of sustainable travel

Though they may not find it glamorous or exciting to think about, students should attempt to travel sustainably in the various breaks that allow for that opportunity. The effects of not doing so are critically detrimental.

A call to expand sexual assault programming

What they don’t tell you in the trainings is that the processing that has to occur in order to truly heal goes far beyond the moment at which the sexual assault is reported.

Responding to #StandUpToHarvard

Increased communication between Greek life and the University would allow sororities and fraternities to exist in a way that benefits both parties, instead of the legal chaos that has ensued since the ban.

The future is scary. Go meditate.

With mindfulness, we can appreciate the things we do understand: our own bodies, our own thoughts, and all that the environment we are lucky to be a part of offers.

Hurricanes reflect America's socioeconomic inequality

I might have enjoyed hurricane parties and days off from school, but I was lucky not to deal with challenges of infrastructure and accessibility, which many Panhandle residents are currently facing, in suburban Jacksonville.