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Isabel Ting


Students gather at town hall to ‘Ban the Box’

On Tuesday, student organizations hosted the “Ban the Box” town hall to encourage student discussion and awareness about the University’s inquiry about applicants’ conviction history in the undergraduate application process. 

Fifth Honor Code referendum passes despite opposition

Undergraduate Student Government President Rachel Yee ’19 agreed that the referendum will emphasize the importance of USG elections, since the USG will help arbitrate the review of the clerk or chair in the evaluation committee.  “We will be working closely with the referendum to make sure it is implementable,” Yee said. “We will keep everyone informed on what the process looks like after we figure out how it will be implemented.” 

SPEAR conference brings “shadows of the prison” to light

“Help those brothers and sisters who have been incarcerated and let them know that they are important to us,” Rev. Teresa Smallwood said, “because unlike what it looks like now, we are all in this together, so the day we say that we are family, we have nothing to lose but our chains.”