An indefensible policy

The University’s policy on the Student Health Plan (SHP) and financial aid is indefensible. An article published over the summer by The Daily Princetonian details Nasir Ismael’s ‘21 decision to start a funding campaign in order to ensure the $1,800 fee for SHP be covered, despite receiving a full financial aid package, because the SHP fee was not covered at the time of his financial aid package’s awarding.


Sailing the populist moment across the Atlantic

The Herman Melville novella “Benito Cereno,” in which a merchant ship is taken over by a slave mutiny, may seem to many like the perfect allegory for populism today. However, I do not believe that populism tricks democracy into such a scenario. We must learn to steer our ship without fearing the foreseeable intrusion of the populist guest, as we sail into perilous and unforeseen depths of the new order in need of a democratic horizon.


Sign on to 'We Are Still In'

We believe that by committing to the Paris Agreement as part of the We Are Still In coalition statement, Princeton would — as one of the highest-profile ... Read More