Don't copy code

Plagiarism may occur on papers, problem sets, even JPs and theses — but by far the most common case, in my experience, has been computer code. A few particular COS classes account for a huge fraction of the academic cases I have heard in the past two years. I've gotten to know some COS assignments better from seeing them over and over again in plagiarism cases than I did from taking the class two years ago.


Practical ways to improve Bicker

Bicker is — and always will be — an imperfect system. It can, however, be improved so that students can compete on a level playing field. When Bicker returns again this fall, hopefully the eating clubs will make it fairer and more open for all students. 


Open Letter to Sophomores

Remember that eating clubs are only one potential aspect of your upperclassmen life. Decisions are scary, but they also lead to exciting changes!  ... Read More

Engaging with Science Culture

At a time when so many scientists are eager to be civically engaged, it is critical for those in the technical fields to ask themselves — both as individuals ... Read More