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Over winter break, a man who allegedly made “terroristic threats” to a postdoctoral student in a University parking lot was banned from campus for 90 days by the Department of Public Safety. In addition, another man allegedly in possession of marijuana outside the Fields Center was arrested by Public Safety.

Meanwhile, the newly consolidated Princeton Police arrested a homeless man who allegedly punched an 81-year-old woman who was walking down Nassau Street.

At noon on Dec. 13, a married couple driving separate cars allegedly followed a postdoctoral student to the University’s Lot 14 located off Ivy Lane behind Quadrangle Club, according to University Spokesperson Martin Mbugua.

Earlier, the couple said, the student had cut off the woman’s car in traffic. Once in Lot 14, “the man blocked the student’s car with his own, got out of the car and threatened to cause the student bodily harm,” Mbugua said.

No arrest was made, but the man was issued a 90-day persona non grata declaration, forbidding him from entering University property. The identity of the man was not disclosed.

Public Safety recorded the incident as a “terroristic threat” in their daily crime log.

In a separate case, Brian Espina, 20, of Princeton, was arrested on drug and trespass charges just after midnight on Dec. 16 for allegedly having marijuana in plain sight on his lap, according to Mbugua. Espina was sitting on the front porch of the Fields Center together with two minors, who did not have marijuana and were released to their parents, Mbugua said.

Espina was released following his arrest.

This is the first time in this academic year that Public Safety has arrested an individual following a drug violation, according to the department’s daily crime log. An incident reported the morning of Nov. 2 in 1901 Hall, the other most recent case, resulted in an administrative referral. While it can refer University students to administrative discipline, rather than prosecution by police, they cannot do so for individuals unaffiliated with the University.

In July 2010, an 18-year-old named Brian Espina was arrested by Princeton Borough police for allegedly riding a stolen bike that had been registered with Public Safety.

In the first press release of its history, the consolidated Princeton Police announced that Autumn Sunrise Fosky, a 67-year-old homeless man, had been charged with simple assault and with receiving stolen property after allegedly punching an 81-year-old woman who was walking down Nassau Street on Dec. 29. The punch caused a laceration on the woman’s lip.

“The incident appears to be random in nature,” Princeton Police Captain Nick Sutter said in the statement.

Fosky was also found in possession of a book reportedly stolen from a local bookstore, Sutter said. Fosky was released without bail, and his court date is set for Jan. 7.

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