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Yang Shao


U-Bahn Memories from Berlin

 This summer, I took a Global Seminar in Berlin, Germany. My favorite part of the experience was taking the Berlin subway — the acronym in German is BVG — to little corners of serendipity in the city.

Princeton Disability Awareness spring carnival

The sky was blue, the lawn was green, and the flowers by Washington Road had bloomed into a beautiful soft pink. Last Sunday was a day of sunshine and colors, and this was especially true at Campus Club, where Princeton Disability Awareness, a student organization dedicated to disability awareness, education, and inclusion, hosted its Spring Carnival.

Finding Ways to Relax at Princeton

In the challenging bubble of extremely colorful Google calendars and late night dining hall studying, various campus resources help students recognize the importance of relaxation and mindfulness.

Migrating in and out of nation-states: Seeking Refuge conference

Rev. Alison Boden, dean of religious life and the chapel, said that the idea most central to the conference was friendship. “It sounds simple, but our goal is for everyone at the conference to make at least one new friend.” Throughout the conference, this idea was echoed in the sentiment that we ought to help forced immigrants as we would help a friend in need.

Hometown Stories: Beijing, China

Coming from Beijing, I grew up in what Chinese people would call a “dayuan.” Translated directly, it means “big courtyard”. It specifically refers to a kind of self-sufficient residential community for retirees from state-owned companies or the military.