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Stephen Wood


Male Athlete of the Year: Quinn Epperly

After earning Ivy League Offensive Player of the Year honors and breaking the NCAA record for most consecutive completions, junior quarterback Quinn Epperly can add another title to his ever-growing list: the Daily Princetonian’s Male Athlete of the Year. “For it to turn out the way it did was very special and definitely something that I didn’t see coming,” Epperly said of his miraculous 2013 season, which was marked by some of the most exciting Princeton football games in recent history and culminated in a share of the Ivy League championship. He was not the only one — Epperly split time with fellow then-sophomore Connor Michelsen in 2012 but was seen as a clear choice for the backup role going into 2013.

Column: College baseball deserves wood bats

“That ball went right past the head of Foote!” Seton Hall’s radio guy said after one of Seton Hall’s players lined a ball right back at the Tiger baseball team’s junior left-handed pitcher Tyler Foote.