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Mashad Arora


PPPD creates new petition to send divestment proposal to Board of Trustees

Princeton Private Prison Divest has released a new petition to send its proposal regarding private prison divestment directly to the University Board of Trustees. In an open letter posted online, PPPD claims that “the consultative and governance processes for recommending divestment have broken down.”

Hindu Satsangam members analyze Hindu philosophy through the lens of American movies

This past year, the Princeton Hindu Satsangam, a group that seeks to foster a Hindu community through social and education events, took a different approach to studying Hindu teachings. Rather than focusing on religious ceremonies or the study of Hindu texts like they had in the past, the group decided to analyze movies like “The Dark Knight” and “Silver Linings Playbook” to learn more about Hindu philosophy.

Clouds of color accompany student celebration of Holi

Clouds of colored powder flew through the air at the University’s celebration of Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. About 100 students gathered at the Frist Campus Center on Wednesday to observe the holiday, a celebration that extols the victory of good over evil.

Princeton Hindu Satsangam hosts Dharma on the Street

About 30 students gathered in the Mathey Common Room on Friday evening for a “Dharma on the Street” event. The event, which was part of a “Living Dharma Series” by the Princeton Hindu Satsangam, explored Hindu sacred texts and how they could help students approach the University’s social scene with integrity. Students listened as Vineet Chander, coordinator for Hindu Life, talked about his experience as an undergraduate and used creative analogies to relate Hindu teachings to social activities. He talked about how one must really think about what one is after in the social scene and asked students what they looked for when they went to the Street.

U. community members participate in hunger awareness event

Around 100 University students, alumni, and local middle and high school students gathered Thursday evening to discuss food insecurity and prepare bagged goods for a hunger awareness service event.Participants sat around tables and engaged in discussions around hunger and food security in the community.

Gandhi statue to be removed from the University of Ghana

In a movement that resembles the protests around the naming of the Wilson School and the Wilson College at the University last fall, activists and protesters have succeeded in convincing administration to remove a statue of Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi from the University of Ghana campus.The statue, which was unveiled this past summer as a gift from Indian president Pranab Mukherjee during a visit to Ghana, has had significant pushback during the past few months from students and professors alike who see Gandhi as discriminatory toward black Africans and promoting the caste system in India.The activists sent a petition to the university council at the University of Ghana to remove the statue, and the Ghana Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which intervened on part of the university council, agreed last Thursday to remove the statue from campus.Mantse Ayikwei, a supporter of the movement who works at the cultural network ACCRA [dot] ALT in Accra, Ghana said “a Gandhi statue should not be anywhere on African soil.”Ayikwei noted that Gandhi, when he was in South Africa, supported a 1906 British war on the Zulus and referred to black Africans using demeaning language.

Feature: MacArthur Fellow Subhash Khot GS '03, computer scientist

Subhash Khot GS ’03, an alumnus of the University’s graduate computer science program, has received the MacArthur Fellowship for his pioneering work in computational complexity.Khot is currently a professor at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.