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Liam O'Connor


Want a Shapiro Prize? Study STEM

Records show that STEM concentrators have won the majority of Shapiro Prizes every year since they were established, despite comprising half or less of the student body. 

Princeton’s high school problem

Admitting an outsized number of their applicants has far-reaching consequences that affects everything from Bicker to club auditions to academic performance. But — ironically — these admissions decisions may be harming admissions itself.

The decline and fall of grade deflation

Princeton has little to show for its experiment in “grade deflation,” except inflating grades that continue to lag behind those of its peer institutions. 

How to find friends at Princeton

Social sorting isn’t entirely bad because it’s a sign that people are forming long-term friendships. But there’s a growing demand for the kind of freshman year opportunities to freely meet fellow students outside of the current — sometimes stuffy — networks. 

Geography is destiny at Princeton

Princeton is disproportionately pulling in students from the richest — mostly eastern — places in the country. Many small moneyed suburbs send more students to Princeton than entire regions with millions of people.

Why is athletics so special?

What makes athletics so special — more than any other extracurricular activity — that it deserves special admissions procedures?

Prep schools hit a homerun in athletics

The benefits that the school gives to its students in admissions — whether they be athletic recruitment, legacy status, or development applicants — perpetuates social hierarchies.