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Kevin McElwee

Princeton Survey Research Center celebrates 25th anniversary

The Center is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. Founded in 1992, this institution has helped the University’s students and faculty conduct countless polls. Although the Center’s main focus is graduate and undergraduate research, dozens of faculty members have taken advantage of its resources. Over the past quarter of a century, the Center has helped publish five books and 48 journal entries, which have been cited approximately 20,000 times.

U. professor Stephen Kotkin's new book aims to paint a full picture of Joseph Stalin

“Yeah, they lied. All the time. This is a mendacious regime,” he said. “But if you look at the secret documents, you can decode and get to the bottom of their behavior. The information that they shoved out into the public realm is very close to how their minds worked, and how policy was formulated.”

Mankiw, Rosen discuss controversial economics paper

Who you believe deserves a hefty paycheck depends on what political party you’re in, according to economist Gregory Mankiw ’80, explaining his controversial paper about inequality. In a Whig-Cliosophic Society-hosted conversation between Mankiw and economics professor Harvey Rosen, the two long-time friends elucidated Mankiw’s paper “Defending the One Percent.”

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