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Jasman Singh


The role of USG

We can’t expect USG to make strides in changing things about campus if students take no interest in changing things about campus.

The big problem: homogeneity

I shouldn’t need to reiterate the importance of being friends with people who aren’t like you. I shouldn’t need to impress upon the student body the necessity of diversity: in socioeconomic status, appearance, gender, and interests. Yet, it seems I must.

Making campus jobs more meaningful

We’re privileged to be members of an academic institution that can meet the financial commitments required to host this extensive of a program, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tweak it and make it even better.

Jussie Smollett’s debacle takes us backwards

Our actions impact the people we look like, the area code we live in, the religion we belong to, and the sexual orientation we identify with. Smollett ’s incident has already undermined people that will come after him and people that have come before him. 

Make writing seminar PDF-only

When we put people who write very well in classes with people who haven’t written academically or struggle for whatever other reason, we thwart true scholarly progress. Is it really so radical to require everyone to take a PDF-only writing course?