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Jan Domingo Alsina


Rethinking Distribution Requirements

The goal of these requirements should be to spur us into taking classes in new fields so that we may discover the breadth of our passions; instead, it is as if we take classes for the purpose of fulfilling these requirements.

On the Catalan question

 I’ve never heard Catalonia being discussed so much here as I have in the past few weeks. My parents are from Barcelona, and I lived there for a bit, so I’d like to offer my view on the Catalan procés so far. As a disclaimer, I am pro-independence; however, I will not be arguing for independence. Instead, I want to discuss how the process has been carried out so far, and why President Rajoy and government in Madrid are currently in the wrong. 

Politicizing USG campaigns

These past weeks, my Facebook feed has been plagued by USG campaign posts. It’s understandable, given the potential social media has these days to spread a political message.

Let’s talk about the Honor Code

There’s a maddening culture of competition on this campus. It’s the least you can expect at such a school, but it definitely creates a sense of overwhelming stress for many students. 

Princeton and its Charter School dilemma

Outside of our campus, the education of this town’s children is at stake. Toward the end of last year, Princeton Charter School requested that the state expand its class size by 76 students — draining $1.2 million per year from the Princeton Public Schools district in the process.