Thursday, February 2

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Jackson Artis

Bioethicist Abby Notterman talks socially conscious science

“Your generation of scientists is more aware of the fact that you have to be aware.” This was the main takeaway from Abby Notterman’s talk entitled “Beyond the Bench: the Socially Responsible Scientist.” Notterman, who is a practicing lawyer and bioethicist, gave several talks on Thursday and Friday as part of a teach-in entitled “Rethink: Fostering an Inclusive Science Community.” The event, which was organized by the Princeton Citizen Scientists in collaboration with other student groups, was meant to foster conversations about how to create a more open and inclusive scientific community and how to encourage more socially aware scientists.

Harari GS ’73 and Leighton ’78 inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame

“The world needs more inventors and more entrepreneurs and people who are going to change the world,” Eli Harari GS ’73 said. Tonight, two alumni, Harari and F. Thomson Leighton ’78, will be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Harari and Leighton will be recognized along with 13 other honorees for their accomplishments in their respective fields.

University solar panels shine as example in green energy initiatives

The solar panels, situated on 27 acres in West Windsor Township, are home to one of the University's green energy initiatives. Seventy-five percent of the panels are tracking panels that will adjust to absorb as much sun as possible. The remaining 25 percent do not track the sunlight and therefore face south in order to maximize absorption. Surrounded by a fence on all sides to protect the fields, the grass in the fields is a special blend that won't grow taller than two feet in order to minimize energy used by mowing the grass.

PEI hosts conference on relationship between climate and consumption

Caring about sustainability does not imply action. It's not enough that people care about sustainability because sometimes caring doesn't catalyze them into action, according to Richard Waite GS ’79, who presented on how to make eating habits more sustainable at the Feb. 17 conference on "Changing Climate, Changing Appetites.”

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